Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Why I have no choice but to #KeepCorbyn

So we’ve had a dramatic few days, and a dramatic series of events, and we all must admit that Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party is in a new context.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Let's ensure Brexit is Lexit EVENT

From PWF and Karl - Labour Councillors and Leave Voters in Southwark

The last four days have been a rollercoaster, and unleashed a period of turmoil and uncertainty in our communities, borough and the country as a whole. We voted for #Leave, for this #Brexit, for left wing reasons, reasons we believe support and give a voice to our residents here and ordinary people across the UK.

Neither of us regret our vote, nor our public position, but we take no delight in this distress. There’s no joy in watching something be destroyed, especially when it was supported by so many comrades.

Our excitement will come when something new has been built.

We’re not racists, bigots or xenophobes, and will continue not just to deplore such sentiments but actively fight and campaign against them. We do not believe that the majority of Leave voters were either. The simple fact we need to state this shows how quickly the right-wing campaign to leave has drowned out the left-wing argument. That is why we need to quickly provide the left wing answer to this crisis, and not allow the current vacuum to be filled with the hate, free market economics and the cries of Little Englanders that we saw too much of during the referendum.

And we know that the onus is on us, as we voted to leave, to provide the answer to: What’s next?

Over the coming week, we will be writing ‘blogs and discussion points to be published here to start the constructive debate about what kind of Britain – and Europe - we build. 

Other contributors from a left perspective, whether Leave or Remain voters, are very welcome to contribute constructive articles about what we build next.

But we want that voice to be inclusive and to hear from all wings of the party. We want to hear from those that voted to leave, and those that voted to stay. If we’re leaving, we need to make it work, together.

So, to kick this off, we’re also convening a meeting, to be held at:

Inspire, the Red Room; 7pm on Wednesday 6th July

for Labour Party members and supporters to discuss NOT the referendum campaign and its effects, but a policy-based approach the negotiation and the social, economic and constitutional settlement we want to see.

This is an emotional time for lots of people, but we can make this a #Lexit, not just a #Brexit – before the British right #WrecksIt.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

No more arguments, just pause for thought... #EURef

So it’s almost over, this whole referendum malarkey; and what a rollercoaster it’s been.

Before it really started I was full of hope for a different type of political debate. With only two options, colleagues and comrades on different sides, surely we would enter a generous, principle driven conversation about the future of the UK, Europe, and World.